It's not too late! With several hours to go, there is still time to get a date.

Dating expert Hayley Quinn reveals all....

Hayley’s quick top 10 on how to get a date in time for Valentine's Day

1. Say 'hi' to people

How many people do you pass everyday and not say a word? Start being more social and the flirtation will follow.

Croydon Guardian:

2. Ask your friends

It's not needy, it's proactive and good friends should know you well enough to set you up on a blind date

3. Get online

It's the 21st century and online dating is now how 25% of people find their match so the cringe factor is definitely gone

4. Grab an app

Who hasn't played with Tinder and accidentally 'liked' a friend of a friend's picture?

Croydon Guardian: Phone app launched for Hertfordshire bus users

5. Go speed dating

With an event happening every night in London there's no excuses, just make the most of your 3 minutes by letting the person opposite you know you like them if you click.

6. Head to an event

Live and die by Time Outs Top 10 of where's fun to go this week in London, and make a bee line to cool events that will magnetise London's singles.

7. Try flying solo

Going out for dinner, the movies or to an event by yourself isn't loser behaviour; it's what confident people do... and they end up meeting a lot more people because of it.

8. Say 'yes' to that invite

If your Facebook events calendar is bursting at the seems but you never accept someone's invitation you need to work on being more spontaneous. Increase your social circle and you'll have tons more options for meeting new people.

9. Find a hobby

Meeting people through an activity you enjoy doing anyway has to be a smart move for compatibility.

10. Ask them out 

Has someone been on your radar for a while? Then stop putting yourself in the friend zone and ask them out...

Hayley Quinn has granted Croydon Guardian readers access to her free dating gift guide check out for men, and for women'.