A woman had moved to a street that now resembles a river only a week before it flooded.

Emma Eade only moved in to Dale Road last week and is now dealing with the flooded street. This comes after her home survey said there was a very slim chance of flooding and she said her solicitor told her there would be no flooding within 150 years of her house.

The 24-year-old said: "We have unpacked and then it kicked off Tuesday lunch time.

"I think it's quite a worry that the water could come in, we have just moved everything.

"We have got new everything. We got leaflets through the door from the council and from the Environment Agency and we got some sandbags.

"The water was coming up our drive and if it came up any further then would be in real danger.

"We have been quite well looked after and we are really lucky.

"On our house survey they said there is a possibility of flooding but it has not happened in 150 years."

Croydon Guardian:

Sarah Mallett fears the flloding will eventually breach her flood defences

Sarah Mallett, 27, said "it's pretty devastating for the people on the street, especially the people that have been evacuated.

"But I think that the emergency services have worked non stop and they have been fantastic.

"The council have provided everything that we have wanted them to do and we have had a lot of help.

"I think it's unlikely that we would evacuate but we are concerned that the water will reach the house, they are doing everything they can to keep it away.

"They are working on it all through the night constantly.

We have moved everything upstairs apart from furniture.

"This is the first time we have had anything like this.

"We have been here for four years and never had anything like this."

Croydon Guardian:

Fire crews carry sandbags in Dale road, Purley, to help prevent against flooding

Debra Penman said she is thinking about what steps she and her husband can take to protect themselves from floods next time.

She said: "We have lived here a year and we did not know about the river. We learned about the river just this week really.

"if the water does not get any worse then we can cope with it but if we stay in this house for a long time then we are going to have to think of things like flood preventing measures and mitigation.

"Possibly the kind of car we get would change, maybe we would get a Land Rover and get together with the neighbours and build walls and flood defences."

the 50-year-old and her husband have moved as many of their possessions upstairs as they can and she said she is worried about what will happen if the water gets any higher.

She said: "At the moment the sandbags have been amazing. That's what's keeping the water from coming in here. It's kind of unsettling but some people are much worse off than us.

"There was a bit of a flash flood before the people were evacuated and a lot of water came down into our garden.

"It makes you a bit nervous.

"We have moved all our stuff upstairs at the weekend and we have stuff downstairs that will probably get damaged, all the kitchen things like the fridge and the dishwasher."

Croydon Guardian:

Firefighters in Dale Road

Fiona Lipscombe has been filming twice daily videos about the flooding in Dale Road.

She said: "I worry, that's all I can say. I'm higher up than most people so I do not think the water will come up to my door but what if the water gets contaminated and what if the power goes out?

"The thought of seeing people being evacuated and the damage to their houses, it makes me feel a bit sick. That is people's lives.

"We are all just a bit shocked, it's happened so quickly.

"The guys have worked so hard, the council, the environment agency, the fire brigade have been here 24 hours.

"They have all this equipment and god knows where they got all the pumps and flood barriers from.

"They have really responded well.

"I spoke to one of the chaps and he said they are taking all the water from there up by Kenley so it does not just end up here again. It's not going back in the Bourne. But you're just sure what's going on.

"Everyone is very friendly and looks after each other. It's really nice that way.

"I have an open top canoe and they used it to deliver the sandbags and my dog Bella had a good splash."