Police said a motorist and his passenger were "lucky to be alive" after their car flipped over, leaving it resting perilously near a steep drop. 

The driver was arrested after the crash in Grant Road, South Norwood, yesterday morning left his car resting upside down on roadside bushes, narrowly avoiding sliding down the verge and into houses.

Firefighters later removed the car using a crane.

Sergeant David Deuchar, of Woodside Safer Neighbourbood Team, suggested on Twitter that the motorist had narrowly avoided being over the drink-driving limit. 

He wrote: "Driver will be facing investigation for driving offences #LuckyToBeAlive," later adding: "Driver released from custody as wasn't over the limit. #SkinOfTheirTeeth".

He then tweeted: "Big lesson for people who drink a lot at night and then get in their car the next morning. #PlayingWithFire #DrinkDriving".

The sergeant added: "A very lucky driver and passenger. The hedge was holding the car back and preventing it from rolling into houses."

Two men travelling in the car suffered minor injuries.

Croydon Guardian:

Croydon Guardian:

The car was badly damaged in the crash (photos: @MPSWoodsideGSgt/Twitter)