Several homes in Coulsdon are reportedly at risk of flooding after water from the river Bourne flooded their gardens.

The addresses in Reddown Road are being monitored by Croydon Council.

A council spokesman said attention has been focused on the flooded streets in Kenley and Purley.

But officers have been keeping watch on other areas at risk of flooding.

He said: “Every property at risk is treated as a priority.

“Our resources have been focused on those homes at the greatest threat of imminent flooding, however we‘ve been monitoring the situation elsewhere in the borough on a regular basis and visiting homes where we have reports of rising water levels.

“We’re aware of what is happening in Coulsdon.

“The trash screens on the culverted section of the river are inspected daily and are clear of obstructions.

“Where further properties are identified as being at risk appropriate arrangements are being developed to support them.”