A surfer from Croydon has spoken of the horrifying moment when he was attacked by a great white shark.

Darren Mills was paddling on his board in Porpoise Bay, New Zealand, when the predator sank its teeth into his leg and tried to drag him further out to sea.

He managed to get free of the shark by punching it on the nose.

Speaking about the attack he said: “I felt a big thump from the shore side and then I looked round and I could see a shark clamped down.

“When it hit me it sort of pushed me out and around a wee bit and I realised what was going on and could see it and tried to punch it but it was more like a push and I managed to get into shore.

“It was really scary y’know.”

He added: “There was a puncture wound just below my knee which has gone through a tendon and there were four lacerations up my leg.”

Mr Mills has now been released from hospital after the attack which happened on February 7.

He said he is lucky to be alive.

The 28-year-old said: “When it first happened I was like ‘I’m never getting in a bathtub again’ but I love it you know.

“I just want to get back and surf again.

“I just feel really lucky.”

About a week before the attack Mr Mills took part in a promotional video as James Bond for the day his for his friend's business where he rode in a shark-shaped submersible boat.

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