Teachers are swapping their classrooms for the open road as they take part in the Bath Half Marathon this weekend.

Five teachers from the Archbishop Lanfranc School, including Tough Young Teachers duo Chloe Shaw and Charles Wallendahl, are taking part in the 13 mile run to raise money and awareness about Jamie’s Farm.

The Wiltshire based farm was set up by former Croydon teacher Jamie Feildon to help vulnerable children in challenging urban schools and re-engage them with educational life.

RE teacher Mr Wallendahl took pupils to the farm for the first time last February and it was followed up by another trip in September.

In one of the episodes of Tough Young Teachers it focused on pupil Walid Hirsi who benefited from visiting Jamie’s Farm.

Croydon Guardian:

The teachers with year 11 pupil Walid 

Pupils who go on the trip get into a routine of working on the farm, completing tasks such as feeding animals, mucking out, driving the tractor, fencing, log chopping, going to the market to buy animals, lambing and much more.

There is a Jamie’s Farm fund that exists in Croydon which helps schools pay for the £6000 towards the trip.

Geography teacher Zoe Yuill who is also taking part in the run, said not enough schools know about the funding that exists to help pay towards a trip to the farm.

She said: “For the majority of kids, the trip meant a huge amount to them.

“It allowed them the chance to experience independence from home, take responsibility for themselves and others, create really positive relationships with each other and teachers, and focus on their future achievements.

“Hopefully more schools will take advantage of the funding that is available.”

For more information on Jamie’s Farm go to www.jamiesfarm.org.uk and to donate money towards the charity run go to mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/toughyoungteachers.

Croydon Guardian:

The teachers prepare for their big run this weekend