Parents are campaigning for more stringent traffic controls following concerns for the safety of their kids outside school.

Those who attend Downsview Primary School have become increasingly concerned with dangerous driving, illegal parking and parking that is putting children in danger as pupils arrive and leave school.

Worried parents set up a meeting with school governors, Nicky Right the head teacher and councillor Pat Ryan to express their views.

Victoria Taylor-Ross, a parent at the school, said the streets surrounding Downsview have become unsafe due to the increased volume of traffic.

She warned the problem will worse with the school set to expand further.

Mrs Ross, who is the treasurer of the PTA, said: "We have opted to try and push the council to assess the risk and make a clear traffic management plan.

"We are in support of the school expansion and want to ensure that the traffic management is put into place efficiently and quickly."

She added parents are also going to approach those who park illegally and tell them to move along.

Croydon Guardian:

Some parents are parking on zig zag lines 

Amber Darlington, another concerned parent, said: "It's very sad to see the road rage incidents, swearing, threats and stand offs.

"Many drivers are reversing, doing three point turns in a four way junction right outside of school. I've seen children almost run into cars and other parents who just let their children jump unsafely out of the car."

Councillor Pat Ryan, who is helping the parents with their campaign, said: "The roads surrounding this school have been experiencing exceptional traffic problems at present and the new extensions will result in more serious issues which could result in accidents to the children.

"I am calling on the council to implement a sensible Traffic Management Plan by September 2014."

A Croydon Council spokesman said: "We always consider concerns from parents and listen to their ideas.

"Any solutions to genuine problems would always be based on the evidence and our experience of what has worked elsewhere.”