Businesses indirectly hit by the floods in Kenley and Purley will be entitled to Government compensation, Eric Pickles has confirmed.

His confirmation came at the House of Commons yesterday after being asked by the Croydon South MP Sir Richard Ottaway.

Speaking during an opposition day debate Sir Richard Ottaway asked the Communities and Local Government Secretary who was entitled to the £5,000 grants and £10m business support scheme.

Sir Richard asked: “The Secretary of State will know from his visit to my constituency that a number of businesses that were not flooded were affected by the floods.

“Will he confirm the compensation package he has just announced will apply to those businesses, even though they were not flooded?”

Mr Pickles, who visited Croydon South during the floods, replied: “Certainly part of the amount I have just announced with regard to businesses will be.”

During the debate Sir Richard took the opportunity to highlight the extraordinary floods effort in his constituency.

He praised "prompt action" by the fire brigade, the Army, the emergency services and the Environment Agency in Kenley and Purley that “stopped a disaster”.

Sir Richard, who is lobbying to ensure businesses and homes in the borough get their 'fair share’ of compensation, said: "I won’t give up raising the plight of my constituents who have suffered both directly and indirectly from the floods.

“The floods effort in Croydon South was truly magnificent – I can’t praise it enough.

“But now we’re left with the aftermath of the floods and those who were unfortunate enough to be hit by the bad weather need help more than ever before.

"I'm delighted with the news that Croydon South businesses indirectly hit by the floods are entitled to a share of the Government’s compensation package.”