The team behind a popular music event has pledged its support to a Croydon charity and are encouraging more people to do the same.

Beats and Eats, the monthly food and music event at Matthews Yard, have said they will raise funds for Lives Not Knives to buy musical equipment for the borough’s teenagers.

The charity has a wish list including microphones and amplifiers which they will use to host music events at the LNK retail space in Centrale.

Event organiser Dan Singaratnam said the showcase, which highlights local musical and culinary talent, is the perfect place to drum up support for the charity.

He said: “The way our musicians collaborate rather than trying to out-perform one another, and the way that our bakers share tables and help sell each other’s produce makes Beats and Eats a special night.

“It’s a glimpse of how amazing things could be in Croydon for the younger generation, if we get behind local talent, collaborate and do positive things.”

Monique Rebeiro, the CEO of Lives Not Knives, said: “The collaborative, creative spirit that brings people together at Beats and Eats is what we want to pass on to the youngsters at Lives Not Knives.

“We want to bring through a generation that doesn’t destroy but that creates.

“We’ve got young people in this borough creating fantastic music and they deserve the opportunity to share it. It would mean so much to them to get this equipment.”

The next event is tomorrow, Saturday March 1 at Matthews Yard. Doors open at 6pm, entry is free but donations are welcome to Lives Not Knives.