Mayor of London Boris Johnson said he was excited by Croydon’s regeneration plans at an international conference in Cannes this week.

Mr Johnson visited the town’s stand at the MIPIM conference on Tuesday which was represented by Develop Croydon.

The group work to promote the development and economic revival of the borough and the Mayor accepted a certificate on behalf of the GLA which made them the 50th member of Develop Croydon.

He said Croydon is the economic powerhouse of south London and was pleased with the town’s plans to build 9,500 new homes over the next five years.

Richard Plant, chairman of the Develop Croydon Forum, said: “It is a remarkable growth from the eight founding members who formed Develop Croydon in the depths of recession.

“Those eight founding members showed their belief in Croydon when times were bad.

“They saw a need to spread a message and over the past five years we have grown as others have come to believe in that message as well.”

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