A teenager dragged under a bus when it pulled away as he boarded is still fighting for compensation nearly seven years later.

Corey Wilson, now 21, still suffers mental and physical scars from the May 2007 accident, in Katherine Street, that left him seriously injured in hospital for two months.

The former Haling Manor High School pupil, of Foss Avenue, Waddon, suffered a broken leg, fractured ankle and brain trauma when his sleeve caught in the bus door, causing him to be dragged along the road.

His school friends helped to lift the double-decker bus up enough to pull him free.

His mum, Barbara Malcolm, quit her job running after-school classes to look after her son and still cares for him to this day.

Mr Wilson, who was resuscitated by paramedics after his heart stopped on the way to hospital, said he had been left unable to work or play sports by the accident.

He said: "I can't stand up for long because I get light-headed. I used to do boxing, tennis and football but now I find it hard to run. I'm anti-social now. I don't go out much anymore.

"It is depressing being stuck in the house all the time.

"I used to love being hands-on and getting stuck into things. I wanted to be an electrician or do brickwork but now I can't."

Mr Wilson suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and amnesia following the accident and still has trouble sleeping. He is required to take seven types of medication each day.

His mum, 52, said: "Before the accident he had ADHD but nothing else. Now he has all these problems.

"It has been seven years and still we have nothing. I am here for Corey 24/7 because he is in so much pain and on so much medication."

Croydon Guardian:

Mr Wilson's medication

Arriva offered a settlement of £10,000 last year but the mum-of-four, who claims the bus driver's negligence ruined her son's life, does not believe that is enough.

Mrs Malcolm said: "He is still having to live with the effects. I can't work and I'm in debt to my eyeballs. Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I just look at him."

A spokesman for Arriva said: "Communication between Corey Wilson’s lawyer and our representatives is ongoing and with the matter being a legal case we cannot comment any further."