In an instant with his Euromillions £107.9m jackpot win, Neil Trotter became as rich as Robbie Williams. Croydon Guardian took a look at what he could buy with his newfound riches.

If he wants to stay living in the borough he could buy the most expensive house on sale in Croydon 24 times (according to property website

The £4.5m detached home on the Promenade De Verdun estate in Purley boasts seven bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, a games room, gym and wine store.

With Crystal Palace’s first team worth £43m he could buy the squad 2.5 times and still have enough cash to buy shoes and handbags for his partner.

If Mr Trotter has a change of heart and decides to stick with his trusty Ford Focus he could buy 4,232 top of the range ones.

He would not need such a big garage if he went for the £2.4m supercar Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport as his winnings could buy him 44.

Flying his family somewhere exotic would be easy if he bought the Bombardier Global Express XRS luxury private jet. It seats 19 and with a £28.7m price tag he could afford three and have enough money left to stay in nice hotels.

If he fancies treating his partner to some nice shoes then a pair of Christian Louboutin Flamenqueen Kid platforms could be a good start. And at £745 a time he could afford 144,832 pairs.

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