After animals including a squirrel and a seagull were shot by airguns in Beddington Park, a politician is calling on people to be on the lookout.

A squirrel, a black-headed gull and several crows have been have been shot by airguns in the park since September.

Leon Emirali, who is standing for the Conservative party in Beddington North in May's Sutton Council elections, has asked members of the public who use the park to be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour and to report anything they see to police.

Mr Emirali's calls have been echoed the Riverside Animal Centre, based in the park, where the injured animals have been treated.

He said: "It’s very worrying that weapons are being used so freely in our open spaces which are popular not only with wildlife, but also with families and small children.

"If you see anything you suspect may be wildlife crime, especially involving weapons, please report it to the police."

If you see suspicious behaviour, call police on 999. If you have any other information, you can call police on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.