A vet’s marathon fundraising efforts have ‘gone to lowlifes’ after thieves broke in to her surgery and stole £1,500 of sponsorship money.

The cash was intended for Cancer Research and the Mayhew Animal Home, two charities Nicky Gurrin will be running the London marathon in aid of on April 13.

But she has had to start fundraising again after the money was taken during a nighttime raid on Norbury Pet Health Centre, London Road, Norbury.

CCTV footage filmed in the premises shows men got into the building by climbing over a fence at about 12.45am on March 19 and were in there for just under two hours.

During that time as well as stealing the money from the safe they emptied things all over the floor and stole dog bones but did not take any drugs.

Croydon Guardian: Sponsorship money was taken from the Norbury Pet Health Centre

Ms Gurrin said: "I’m angry someone has come in and done that but the people that take it, they don’t care.

"It makes me sick that they have come in and taken what’s not theirs.

"The money that was raised has gone to lowlifes.

"It’s just made me more determined to raise money.

"I feel really angry that someone was on my property and he looked as bold as brass with his screwdriver.

Her dog barked during the night of the break in and she looked out to see a suspicious car in the street but went back to bed after not hearing or seeing anything else out of the ordinary.

And she said she has been left thinking whether the people who took the money had been visitors to the surgery in the days leading up to the theft.

She added: "It seems strange to rob a vet surgery if you are just after money so I’m wondering if they had been in and had seen the charity collection."

Croydon police are investigating the burglary and have not yet released the CCTV to the Croydon Guardian as other enquiries are still ongoing.

There have been no arrests.

Anyone who knows anything about the burglary is asked to call the police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.