It's a time-honoured tradition in the news industry that April 1 is the day of making our readers laugh and maybe fall for something which could be true, but really is not.

This year we wanted to bring our readers across south London and Surrey a range of stories that would matter to your specific area.

But which one did you think was the best? Have a look at our tall tales and decide which one you thought was the best (or worst!)

In Croydon, we said councillors would be able to stay at home during meetings and use hi-tech Google Glass technology to virtually discuss important issues.

In Epsom, we told the tall tale of a “tidal wave” of water which erupted from the ground shortly after midnight and left a trail of devastation across parts of Surrey.

In Kingston, we revealed that vast swathes of Kingston's greenest areas could be opened up for development after a secret European legal ruling.

In Sutton, there was the striking image of seaside donkeys being used to haul shoppers up and down the town centre high street.

In Merton & Wandsworth, there was a cunning plan to create a public transport ferry service on the river Wandle.

And in our VIBE Film & TV section - we revealed how Michael Palin, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Dane Bowers would front a new South London television channel.