A disruptive tenant has been kicked out of her council house following a series of complaints from neighbours about antisocial behaviour.

Joanne Cooper who lived in Waddington Avenue, Coulsdon, was evicted by Croydon Council officers after the 45-year-old lost an appeal at the High Court.

The council took action after receiving reports of shouting, swearing, fighting, deliberate dropping of heavy objects on the floor and slamming doors.

There were also incidents of vandalism, playing of loud music, revving of car engines, her dog fouling the garden and barking incessantly, as well as 20 people regularly gathering in her garden at all hours of the day and night.

And during a police search of the property 10g of cannabis, scales and £315 in cash was discovered.

The case was referred to the council’s antisocial behaviour team in 2009, Miss Cooper’s three sons signed an acceptable behaviour contract promising to mend their ways.

Their mother also agreed to stop causing nuisance.

But the problems continued so the council took her to Croydon County Court and an eviction was granted in September last year.

Her appeal was heard at the High Court where the county court’s decision was upheld.

The cabinet member for housing Councillor Dudley Mead said: “The defendant was given ample opportunity to mend her ways and keep her home.

“Yet these chances were persistently ignored and we were left with no choice but to seek eviction.

“Her behaviour caused a great deal of misery and upset to neighbours, and we hope they are now able to get on with their lives in peace.”