A group of residents have called on the council to remove the debris of a number of felled beech trees.

Residents living near Purley Beeches were upset when they walked into their wood to see trees had been cut down and left behind.

Elizabeth Bennett, of Sanderstead, said a number of residents who use the wood were disappointed with how it had been left but accepted they needed to be cut down for safety reasons.

Croydon Guardian:

Elizabeth Bennett 

Mrs Bennett said: “It is not just the fact they are taking down these mature trees, it is the damage.

“They are letting them lie, the whole tree and the crown of the tree. I know you usually leave logs behind but it is like a graveyard.

“The council have been helpful and Councillor Tim Pollard came down and took pictures of the site to show it needs clearing up. It is just a shame.”

Croydon Guardian:

The felled trees 

A Croydon Council spokesman regretted that the trees had to be cut down.

He said: “It was sad to have to cut these trees down, however we had no other option given their condition.

“The trunks which have been left behind will now provide a natural habitat for fungi and insects and will add to the biodiversity of the area.”