An aspiring youth worker is planning to make a two-part documentary on apprenticeships.

Jack Kew, who currently volunteers at the charity Lives Not Knives (LNK), would like to film his journey over the year of his upcoming youth work apprenticeship with LNK.

The youth work apprenticeship with LNK would involve, LNK roadshows, co-ordinating events for young people and working with primary school children who have learning difficulties and special needs.

If he gets the funding, he 18-year-old from Shirley will also be interviewing other apprentices, to give individuals an insight into what apprenticeships are like.

He needs to raise £5000 to support the apprenticeship and the making of the documentary.

He has been given two offers of support.

Bryan Davis from apprenticeship provider, Green Labyrinth, has pledged to contribute ten per cent of the funding and James Allen from the bank, Lloyds TSB, has also offered funding.

After feeling like education "failed" him in his struggles with severe dyslexia, Mr Kew wants to help young people and make things better for those who are currently struggling.

He hopes that his documentary will be used in schools as a visual learning tool for those who are thinking about undertaking an apprenticeship.

He said: "It’s not something that I’m trying to make money out of."