A group hoping to reinvigorate the arts scene in Croydon are looking for donations to kickstart their project.

TURF Projects, headed up and founded by arts graduate Alice Cretney, hope to raise £5000 to go towards make their ideas become a reality.

The group want to bring new artistic talent to Croydon, as well as those who are internationally renowned for their work.

Miss Cretney, 25, who gained a first from the Wimbledon College of Art, wants to launch a major exhibition in June as well as other initiatives.

These include an artist-designed crazy golf course in the town centre, film screenings, artist-led tours, workshops and sporting activities.

Over the past few years Croydon has seen cuts to a number of art projects from the council and other funding bodies.

The group believe a community funded approach is the way to go if the arts in Croydon is to revive.

More than £2,000 has been donated by the public already, who receive different awards depending on how much they donate.

Miss Cretney said she had the idea to set up the project in 2009 when she moved to Croydon from Bristol.

She hopes to work with art students from Croydon College to put their work on display as well as showcasing artwork from other London designers and artists.

The 25-year-old said: "At the moment there is a lot of redevelopment, change and interest in Croydon as a place.

"There is quite a lot of support out there for businesses, but not so much for non-for profit organisations like TURF.

"It’s been pretty hard to find spaces to work and show artwork in despite the number of empty office spaces and units available in Croydon, but if you continue to knock on doors some will eventually open.

"We are currently a nomadic project working in different meanwhile spaces around Croydon."

She added: "The community have been great so far in backing us and supporting us. I think this was highlighted by the video we did for our kickstarter campaign where more than 30 people turned up to help film our Time Team style video."

To find out more information about TURF or to donate go to www.kickstarter.com/projects/493771737/no-turf-unturned.