The ex-girfriend of notorious scooter looter rioter Ryan Kichenside has been kicked out of her home by magistrates after she made her neighbours lives a misery.

Kelly Lineker and her two children must leave their flat in The Lawns, South Norwood, by 6pm tonight after the magistrates agreed with Croydon Council and imposed a closure order, shutting down her home.

Croydon Magistrates’ Court heard there was drug taking at the property, including class A drugs, loud music and behaviour which people living nearby found distressing.

Residents have reported strong smells of cannabis, loud music, and drug dealing.

They said they were “worried and edgy all the time”, afraid to venture outdoors and never had visitors.

One neighbour described it as similar to living “under siege”, while others called the household “the neighbours from hell”, adding that they wanted to move away from the area.

Lineker, 26, initially contested the order but did not oppose it at court today.

Lineker is the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Kichenside, was jailed for five years and 10 months in December 2011 after he was caught on camera footage pulling a biker off his scooter during the riots.

Kichenside, who was 18 at the time, and also of The Lawns, pleaded guilty at Inner London Crown Court to robbery.

Vanya Headley, Linker’s defence lawyer at the hearing today, said: “She does not oppose the imposition of the order but she does not fully accept all the details and accusations made against her.

“She does not accept the [allegation about the] use of class A drugs at her property and she removed all her speakers from her house and her neighbours refer to noise as being a previous issue.”

Imposing the order, the chairman of the bench Derek Cock said: “We are going to make this order because of the behaviour at the property, the use of drugs at the property and it may be in the past but there has been a lot of noise.

“There’s been a history of persistent nuisance.

“We encourage you to seek advice about housing, look after your children and make sure they have somewhere to sleep tonight.”