Euromillions jackpot winner Neil Trotter’s name is being exploited by fraudsters who are conning people with promises of a share of his £107.9m fortune.

In the latest email scam from fraudsters, people receive an email which is supposedly from Mr Trotter, from Coulsdon, and says he has decided to give the receiver £1m of his winnings.

Anyone who replies is told this offer has only been sent to 15 people around the world and specifies part of the money should be given to a "foundation or a home for the less privileged to visit and take care of their needs and then you can keep the rest."

The email continues: "Along the Line, everyone I selected persons would be invited to the United Kingdom for a dinner with me and my partner and you would be told show your report on how you spent the money."

Car mechanic Mr Trotter, 41, from Coulsdon, won his massive fortune in March after hitting the Euromillions jackpot after buying a lucky dip ticket.

Mr Trotter’s father Jim said the email was a ‘total scam’, had nothing to do with his son, and was one of many scams that had been circulating about his son.

He said: "Anyone who gets an email or letter should throw them in the bin or delete them.

"It’s a total scam.

"It is not alarming to Neil, it just seems to be one of these things in this electronic world that we live in.

"It is a total spoof and it’s not happening."

The 69-year-old added: "Another scam is where people are told to send £7 to cover postage and packing and we will send you £2,000.

"There is something like 150 of these going out and there are eight or 10 fake Facebook accounts."

Police have been informed of the fraud and are understood to be investigating.