Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt has sent a pair of signed trainers to a fan who had theirs stolen.

The Jamaican athlete took to Twitter yesterday to appeal for the return of a pair of autographed running spikes, identical to the ones in which he set the 100m world record in 2009, that were taken by burglars from a warehouse in Gloucester Road, Croydon.

The orange Puma shoes, worth £20,000, were framed along with a photo of Bolt taken just after setting the 9.58-second record at the World Championships in Berlin.

After hearing about the theft yesterday, Bolt tweeted: "I know u love me..but please why u had to go stealing that signed Usain Bolt spikes in Croydon, England..I know u going to return it. Right?"

He added: All you had to do was just ask me for one..No need to go stealing the ppl things..Come on now.."

He later tweeted a photo of himself signing a fresh pair of shoes, which he said he planned to have delivered to the owner of the original trainers.


The burglary happened between 10.30pm on April 26 and 5.45am on April 28.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to contact Det Con Sheree Yates, of Croydon police, on 020 3276 2287 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.