An art group and an internet radio station have been give a cash boost to help their projects.

Turf Projects an art group which aims to use vacant spaces and premises in Croydon for art, and Croydon Radio each scooped £2,500.

Both groups took part in a competition which helped promote a council scheme aimed at providing budding businesses with the information they need to find a base for their ideas.

The competition was supported by Croydon Council and the Mayor of London’s regeneration fund.

Social entrepreneurs from across the borough were asked to outline what they would do if they were able to set up their business in a shop or office which might otherwise remain empty.

Croydon Guardian:

The Croydon Guardian has linked up with Croydon Radio for more than a year 

Two runners-up also received prizes of £1,000.

Founder of Turf Projects, Alice Cretney, said: “Were now looking for a base to operate from and where artists can create their work.

“This prize and the donations we have received from supporters through Kickstarter will really help us get our plans moving.”

Tim Longhurst, founder of Croydon Radio, said: “Over 300,000 people have tuned in since we first went online and we now hope to find a space where we can set up a second studio and raise our profile still further amongst local people.”

Lisa McCance, Croydon Council’s head of economic development, said: “At the same time as Croydon is poised to see a huge £1.5billion regeneration of its main shopping centre we are keen to see grass-roots projects make use of temporarily vacant spaces around the edges of the town and elsewhere across the borough.

“These smaller-scale ventures can bring a vibrancy and sense of community to the area and are a fantastic way of nurturing new talent and allowing people to test out business ideas.”