A man who viciously attacked a clubber with a snooker cue before threatening to burn down his house has been jailed for nearly three years

Danny Quigley, of Redwing Close, South Croydon, seriously injured a 19-year-old man after an argument that led to two of his friends being ejected from a town-centre nightclub.

The 23-year-old then launched a campaign of intimidation and harassment against the victim's family, including throwing a hammer at his brother's car windscreen and threatening to pour petrol through their letterbox.

The initial attack, in the early hours of August 4, left the victim needing six stitches.

It followed an altercation at the nightclub between the 19-year-old and two women that led to door staff throwing the women out of the club.

The victim left the club later in the night and walked towards East Croydon bus station along George Street, where he was hit over the back of the head by with a snooker cue by Quigley, who had been called by one of the women.

In the week following the attack, Quigley phoned the victim and his family with violent threats - once even calling the family while they were with a police officer.

He was arrested on August 10 after the attack on the victim's car. Officers seized his phone, which linked him to the threatening calls.

Forensic voice-comparison experts who analysed recordings of some of the calls also identified Quigley as the caller, while he was also picked out in several ID parades.

He was charged with causing grievous bodily harm, criminal damage and witness intimidation on January 13. He pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage, as well as a public order offence of threatening words and behaviour in place of witness intimidation.

He was jailed for 33 months at the Old Bailey yesterday.

Det Cons Lorna Sillett, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "The assault alone on the victim was extremely serious and left him needing stitches to his head. However, Quigley's threatening behaviour towards the victim and his family following the assault is what made this case all the more traumatic for them.

"Throughout the investigation, Quigley repeatedly denied his involvement, but he even made a call to threaten the family whilst a police officer was with them discussing the case.

"Thanks to the forensic voice work, and other witness accounts identifying Quigley, the weight of evidence was so great that he was left with no choice than to plead guilty when he appeared at court and will now be behind bars for a considerable time.

She added: "I would like to praise the courage and conviction of the victim and his family throughout the entire ordeal and hope this case helps to give other people in similar situations the confidence to come to the police and know that we will do everything we can to bring violent offenders to justice."