Instead of car sharing after council meetings, political hopefuls living in one street could hire a minibus if they all get elected next Thursday.

Inglis Road in Addiscombe is a short street of just 57 homes, but it could be the most political in London with six candidates fighting for seats across Croydon.

Bensham Manor ward councillor Alison Butler and her partner Coun Paul Scott, who represents Woodside, both hope to be re-elected for Labour.

Living opposite them is Tamil community leader Patrick Ratnaraja who is taking on the Labour stronghold of West Thornton for the Conservatives.

Green Party Coulsdon West candidates Tim Watson and Ruud Skipper live just doors away from each other.

But they are not as close as Mr Watson who lives next door to Conservative hopeful David Harmes, who hopes to be elected for the Addiscombe ward.

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