A man was dragged to safety by a quick-thinking barbershop customer as bricks from a collapsing building rained down on him.

The pedestrian was walking past Rage hairdressers in London Road, Norbury, at about 11.45am on Saturday when the top floor of the building collapsed with bricks and tiles from the roof falling to the ground.

He was knocked to the ground and was bleeding from his head with debris falling down on him until being rescued by one of the customers from the Stylish Cutz barber shop, who is believed to be called Billy.

Croydon Guardian: Stylish Cutz owner Muhammad Nadeem says his customer's actions saved the pedestrian's life

Stylish Cutz owner Muhammad Nadeem (pictured above) said: “One of the customers was shouting ‘look out’ and ‘run, run’.

“When I looked outside I thought ‘oh my God’, bricks were falling down on the footpath and there was so much dust and I saw a lady running.

“One of the pedestrians fell and I saw bricks just dropping on his head.

“It was really horrible and dangerous and scary.

“One of my customers ran to him and pulled him away to just outside the solicitors and he got a few scratches as well because the bricks were still coming down.

“I think what my customer did saved his life.”

Croydon Guardian: Rio Britannia cafe manager Ghulam Ali saw people injured by falling debris

And Ghulam Ali, from the nearby Rio Britannia cafe (pictured above), said: “It was shocking to see that.

“It’s very dangerous and lucky it was just the guy and the lady that got injured.

“It could have been more serious and someone could have been killed.”

The rescued man was taken to St George’s Hospital, Tooting, as a priority.

And a woman was taken to Croydon University Hospital with a foot injury.

Fourteen people inside the property were evacuated by firefighters.

The road was closed off while emergency services dealt with the incident and it was not fully reopened until late Sunday.

Other businesses were told they had to remain closed until the road was reopened.

Croydon Council helped two families with housing assistance over the weekend.

It is not yet known what caused the building to partially collapse.