Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage has denied that he ‘bottled’ turning up at a political rally in Croydon yesterday afternoon.

He was expected to turn up for the town centre event, which was billed as having a carnival atmosphere.

Video: Winston McKenzie explains how Nigel Farage "needs to feel safe" and how "the other week someone was chopped up and thrown in a bin" in Croydon.

Croydon Guardian: Angry protesters shouted 'racists' at the Ukip candidates

But anti-Ukip campaigners holding up signs with slogans including “Nigel Farage – Racist Scum” and “UKIP ‘modern’ Nazi Party” shouted ‘racists’ at the borough’s Ukip candidates.

And the steel band booked to play refused to perform after discovering why they were there.

About an hour after the party leader was supposed to be at the ‘carnival’ it was announced he was not going to come.

Croydon Guardian: The steel band stopped playing after discovering what they had been booked for

Winston McKenzie surveys the steel band - who would later quit for poltical reasons

Croydon Guardian: South Norwood candidate Winston McKenzie told the crowd Croydon is a dump

Mr McKenzie, a Croydon Council candidate, rolled up his sleeves and tried to explain why Nigel Farage never turned up

Yesterday South Norwood Ukip candidate Winston McKenzie (pictured below) told the crowd: “Croydon which used to be the place to shop has now become a dump.

"How can an international leader turn up somewhere he feels unsafe?”

But speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning Mr Farage said: “I was never more than 50 per cent.

“I said I may go and the Croydon branch wanted me to go but, you know what, I have been quite busy.

“I have bottled everything according to my opponents.

“I have had a month, helter skelter, all over the United Kingdom, I should not think anybody has done more public appearances than I have.

“I was busy and I was on my way to Eastleigh last night for our last public meeting so I did not go to Croydon and looking at the scenes it is probably a good job I didn’t.

“There are people out there who are determined to stop Ukip and that’s because we have had a two party system for 100 years in this country, or a two-and-a-half party system, and we are posing a threat to the establishment and people are fighting back.”

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