Labour have hailed a "historic victory" after seizing back control of Croydon Council from Coun Mike Fisher's Conservatives.

Key wins in marginal wards propelled a seven-seat swing to Coun Tony Newman's group, who regained power after an eight-year spell in opposition.

The Conservatives lost every seat in battlegrounds Ashburton, Waddon and New Addington and failed to steal any from Labour.




How the borough's political landscape compares with 2010

It gives Coun Newman's party a 10-seat majority in the council chamber.

Speaking after the result, coun Newman said: "I think we were optimistic but we always knew in the nature of Croydon that it was going to be a tough, tough battle. I think we've gone a little way tonight to restore the trust in politics and now we have to deliver on our promises."

Coun Fisher insisted he wanted to continue as Conservative leader in spite of them defeat and will face a local votes later today to decide if he remains at the helm.

He said: "I don't think Labour have won control of the council; I think the Ukip vote has denied us control of the council and that is to be regretted. A lot of those people who voted Ukip will be horrified when they wake up today and see they have got a Labour council."

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