A man who assaulted two teenagers with an exhaust pipe and ran one of them over in his car as they tried to escape has been jailed for 21 months.

John Turner, 46, of King Henry's Drive, New Addington, drove up to the two men in the early hours of August 10, 2013, before getting out of his car and attacking them with a metal exhaust pipe he pulled from the boot of his vehicle.

One man escaped down an alleyway, but the other victim tried to run away over a grass area.

Turner drove over the grass and hit the man.

One victim sustained a broken hand, and the other was left with a fractured elbow.

The victim who was hit by Turner's car also suffered leg injuries.

The attack, in Milne Park East, New Addington, was witnessed by a bus driver and captured on the bus's CCTV cameras.

Unemployed Turner was sentenced to 21 months in jail at Croydon Crown Court on Friday, May 23, after pleading guilty to two counts of grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving a vehicle without an MOT.

Detective Constable Sue Day-Sawyer, from Croydon CID, said: "This was an extremely violent attack on two young men, which was essentially unprovoked.

"The only explanation Turner was able to give us was that he thought the victims had been trying to break into his van.

"However, there was no evidence to back his story up and from our enquiries, the two victims both proved to be of good character.

"I hope that this sends a strong message that using violence is not acceptable and that there are serious consequences if you are involved in violent crime in Croydon."