Labour followed up victory in Croydon's local elections with success in the borough's polls for European Parliament. 

Ed Miliband's party took nearly a third of Croydon votes in Thursday's election, held simultaneously with the council poll but not counted until Sunday afternoon.

Labour won 32,439 votes, ahead of the Conservative Party in second with 26,687.

Ukip trailed in third with 19,560, bucking the national trend that saw them beat every other party to land Ukip 27.5 per cent of votes and 23 MEP seats.

Nigel Farage's party performed poorer across London, where it finished third with 17 per cent of the vote.

London is represented by eight MEPs who are elected via proportional representation, meaning the eight seats are divided between the parties according to how many votes they got.

Overall Labour won more votes in London meaning it has four London MEPs, the Conservatives have two and UkiP and the Green Party have one each.

How Croydon voted in the European elections

4 Freedoms Party: 1,366 

An Independence from Europe:  1,359

Animal Welfare Party:  989

British National Party: 1,031

Christian Peoples Alliance: 1,448

Communities United Party: 184

Conservative Party: 26,687

English Democrats: 494

Europeans Party: 381

Green Party: 6,829

Harmony Party: 90

Labour Party: 32,439

Liberal Democrats: 3,768

National Health Action Party: 744

National Liberal Party: 192

O2EU: 126

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 19,560


(Rejected Votes: 872)

(Turnout: 98,559)