A con man tricked a blind 81-year-old into handing over cash for roof repairs he did not need.

The fraudster charged the victim £160 to supposedly fix a leaking roof on his house in Beddington Lane, Beddington, on Tuesday.

He had called the man's house at 3.15pm offering to fix loose tiles for £40.

After inspecting the roof from inside the loft of the house the conman produced a damp cloth and told the 81-year-old the roof was leaking.

He said repairing the leak would cost £160, which the victim paid from his emergency cash supply.

The con man then left. 

The victim called the police and officers checked the loft but could find no leaks. 

Due to his blindness the 81-year-old was unable to describe the conman other than noting he had a local accent and had introduced himself as Gavin from "the plough". 

A blind male resident, aged 81, was tricked into handing over £160 to a doorstep caller offering to make a repair to his roof.

Police are investigating the fraud and have also warned people to be wary of cold-calling traders and to check on companies before agreeing to have work carried out.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101  quoting ref no: 4005729/14 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.