One of the brothers who was on the run after killing a 37-year-old man who jumped to his death to escape their savage beating has been arrested.

Valodia Tarasov and Jurius Tarasov, 33, both failed to turn up for sentencing for manslaughter at the Old Bailey this morning.

But police have now arrested 35-year-old Valodia.

Their brother Viktoras Tarasov, 39, of Aurelia Road, Croydon, attended court and has been remanded in custody to be sentenced on a date yet to be confirmed.

All three brothers had denied killing 37-year-old Pawel Pacholak.

Mr Pacholak leapt from a bathroom window, breaking his neck, as he fled the three brothers on January 12 last year.

He suffered multiple serious injuries, including to his head, face and torso, and broke 11 ribs, either in the fall at the flat in Streatham or during the attack.

Anyone with information as to the current whereabouts of Jurius is asked to contact police on 999.