A killer is on the run after being granted bail by a senior judge despite being found guilty of causing the death of a man so terrifed for his safety he threw himself out of a window.

Jurius Tarasov, 33, has evaded capture by police after failing to attend sentencing at the Old Bailey on Friday for his part in causing the death of Pawel Pacholak.

Tarasov and his two brothers Viktoras, 39, of Aurelia Road, and Valodia, 35, of Abingdon Road, Norbury, were each granted bail by Judge Brian Barker on Thursday.

Viktoras appeared on Friday to face justice, Valodia failed to show, but was picked up by police later that day. However, it is feared Jurius may be attempting to make his way back to his native Lithuania to avoid punishment.

Crime campaigner Peter Cuthbertson has questioned Judge Barker’s decision to allow foreign nationals facing almost certain jail sentences bail.

He said: “Cases like this raise serious questions about how easily bail is being granted even to those accused of the most serious crimes.

“Judges should err on the side of caution, especially if the defendant has a history of criminal behaviour or is accused of the most serious offences.”

A spokesman for the Judicial Office said: “Whether or not to grant bail is a decision of the courts to make within the statutory framework provided by Parliament in the Bail Act 1976 (as amended), taking account of relevant case-law.

“The Bail Act (as amended) provides for a general presumption that bail will be granted in all cases, except in specific circumstances.”

All three men were found guilty of manslaughter after a jury found them responsible for the death of Pawel Pacholak, despite not inflicting the fatal injuries.

The 37-year-old jumped to his death to escape the brothers, who beat him up after wrongly accusing him of stealing a mobile phone.

Mr Pacholak suffered serious injuries, including to his head, face and torso, and broke 11 ribs, either in the fall at a flat in Streatham or during the attack.

During the trial jurors heard Mr Pacholak was in Streatham High Street with several other people including Viktoras.

The occupants had been drinking throughout the day before Valodia and Jurius arrived at about 10pm.

A confrontation broke out when the three brothers claimed Mr Pacholak had stolen Jurius’s missing phone, which had in fact been lost earlier that evening. The argument spilled on to the streets just before 11pm on January 12 last year, before reigniting between midnight and 1.30am.

Mr Pacholak was found dead, slumped against a wall and detectives determined he had sought refuge in an upstairs bathroom and tried to escape by jumping out of the window.

The brothers were charged with manslaughter and perverting the course of justice for trying to hinder the investigation.

They will all be sentenced when Jurius is caught.

Judge Barker is the Recorder of London, which means he is the senior circuit judge at the Old Bailey.