Activists who scaled a cathedral dressed as superheroes will be calling the Archbishop of Canterbury as a witness if they are charged with criminal damage.

Archi Ssan, from Croydon, is on bail until September 9 after being arrested at Exeter Cathedral on Father’s Day.

The 53-year-old was protesting about the family court system alongside fellow New Fathers 4 Justice protester Jolly Stanesby, 48, who was also arrested.

During their protest Mr Ssan abseiled down the building and unfurled a banner which read Pray for Children.

A New Fathers 4 Justice spokesman said: "If Devon and Cornwall police press charges as expected we will be calling the Archbishop of Canterbury as a witness to explain why the Church of England fails to support fathers after family breakdown.

"The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is head of the Church of England so we hold him answerable to their policies.

"These policies played a major part in the reason why we chose to scale Exeter Cathedral.

"We have been trying to hold a dialogue with the Bishop of Exeter for nearly seven years but rather than meet us all the previous bishop did was quote church policies."

On fathers day the pair scaled Exeter Cathedral in protest against the present secret family court system. Archi Ssan also abseiled down the front of the cathedral unfurling a banner which read 'Pray for Children'

New Fathers 4 Justice was formed in 2008 and is not affiliated with Fathers 4 Justice UK.