Travelling on public transport in Croydon is now safer than ever, according to recent statistics.

The number or reported crimes fell in the first quarter of this year by 40 per cent on trams and 18 per cent on Croydon’s buses.

And figures released by TransportWatch show that robbery and violent offences against a person on buses have reduced – down by 70 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.

The number of thefts on trams have fallen by half over the same period.

Significant strides have also been made in reducing cycle theft with the number of offences reported in the first quarter of this year fell by 41 per cent, from 99 to 58 crimes in total, according to the Metropolitan Police’s safer transport team.

To reinforce this message among the travelling public, an information leaflet has been produced by TransportWatch, highlighting the various initiatives introduced to ensure that those using public transport in and around Croydon feel safe throughout their journey.

Some of the key measures include security patrols on trains, trams and buses; high visibility policing of rail and tram networks on a daily basis and CCTV monitoring on buses, trains, trams and at stations, bus and tram stops.

TransportWatch chairman Nick Baker said: “Since TransportWatch was first formed, we have been working hard to ensure that everyone who uses public transport in and around Croydon feels safe and confident throughout their journey.

“As these latest statistics show, the majority of journeys on public transport are incident free and we’re keen to ensure that the downward trend on reported crimes continues.”

TransportWatch is a partnership between Croydon businesses, the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and local transport operators.

Go to to download your copy of the information leaflet.