Knife-wielding thugs bottled a man then stabbed his twin in the back in what is believed to be a case of mistaken identity.

The brothers had just left The Pembroke, Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, when one of them was set upon by seven men who had pulled up in a van.

And when his brother stepped in to try and stop the attackers he came off worse.

He was bottled and beaten and was stabbed in the back.

The 21-year-old, from Purley, said: “My brother was on the floor and when I went over someone bottled me and then I just sort of stepped back and my brother must have managed to get away.

“I did not realise I was stabbed until afterwards when someone said I was bleeding.

“People at the Pembroke pub helped me and they gave me first aid.

“The attackers did not take anything from us and I can only really put it down to mistaken identity I suppose.”

His brother sustained minor injuries in the attack but he needed to stay the night in hospital where he was treated for the stab wound and had three stitches in his head.

Police are investigating the attack which happened at about 11.30pm on August 22 near the Tesco Express store, a few doors down from the pub.

Any witnesses or anyone with information about the attack is asked to call the police on 101.