New plans for a Lidl supermarket in Sanderstead are “worse than before” and will have a “catastrophic” impact on traffic in the area, according to residents campaigning against the development.

The German retail giant first submitted plans for the former site of the Good Companions in Tithepit Shaw Lane in 2013 but they were rejected by Croydon Council.

A subsequent appeal to the planning inspectorate also saw the plans knocked back for traffic and safety reasons.

This month Lidl has submitted new plans for the same site which would see two homes demolished to make way for a two-storey building comprising a supermarket and four, two-bedroom apartments on the first floor.

But locals say the new application, which now includes a car park exit on Tithepit Shaw Road opposite Hamsey Green School, does not suit the area.

Lee Groves, 48, of Harewood Gardens in Sanderstead, said: “My main concern is the site characteristics don’t allow for a building of that nature and the subsequent access that would need to be arranged for that.

“My main concern is the proposed access within 30 feet of the Hamsey Green primary school gates which is a paramount concern that should be nailed home to everybody.

“Regardless of what you think of the supermarket chain that is the most important concern that we have got.

He added: “The potential volume of traffic for Lidl is catastrophic, you have only got to look at Aldi in Selsdon which creates backlog all the way along Addington Road most times during the day and we are just keen for that not to happen here.

“The road is far too marrow to deal with increased traffic volumes.”

Paul Redington, 47, of Warlingham said: “This is not an anti-Lidl campaign. It is nothing to do with the fact that it is a discount supermarket, it is simply to do with the fact that it is an inappropriate site for any major supermarket.

“Lidl have obviously gone back to the drawing board and come forward with a new application and in the view of most residents it is actually worse than before.

“At school pick up and drop off times there can sometimes be thousands of school children milling around the gate outside the site.

“Lidl need to give up with this site, sell it on and move away because this is not a suitable site.”

The Croydon Conservatives have opposed both applications and urged the council to “listen to the legitimate concerns about the negative impact of this scheme”.

Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South, said: “We are in desperate need of housing in London generally and in Croydon in particular, and that site would be a good location for family houses.

“I would imagine you could get six to ten family houses on that site, which would be a better use of the land.

“Secondly there is a traffic issue, the entrance they are proposing on Tithepit Shaw Lane would mean massive lorries as well as, I think, up to 1,000 cars a day would be going on that road.

“There are two schools on that road, it is a very narrow road, it already can get congested and so it will just create traffic chaos.”

Sixty-six objections to the application have been lodged with the council.

A Lidl spokeswoman said: “We have worked over the last six months with the local council to address the highway concerns raised from by the inspector in their appeal decision.

“We have held several pre-application meetings with both planning and highways officers and are satisfied that the new plans reflect this.

"We have received broad support from the local community for a new Lidl food store since acquiring the site and look forward to welcoming them through our doors.”