The pregnant girlfriend of a man accused of murdering teenager Andre Aderemi has defended her partner despite being shown a video of him pointing a shotgun at her head.

Chloe Jansen gave evidence to a jury on the second day of the murder trial of four men following Mr Aderemi’s death in August last year.

Wearing a fur-collared coat, Miss Jansen spoke at the Old Bailey on Thursday, February 16, and described her relationship with defendant Femi Cela as having its “ups and downs”.

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Miss Jansen at one point refused to answer questions about the pair – before being shown Snapchat videos of Cela holding weapons.

When asked by prosecutor Alan Kent what she had been told about the incident, she told him she did not want to indulge as she feared for her and her baby’s lives.

Miss Jansen found out she was carrying Cela’s child, which is due in April, after he was charged with Mr Aderemi’s murder, the jury heard.

She spoke behind a curtain, unseen by Cela – known as Fabio – and the three other defendants: Ali Zahawy, Rodney Mukasa and Jamell Lonergan.

Mr Kent described Miss Jansen as at the centre of a feud between two rival groups which led to Mr Aderemi’s death.

The 18-year-old said she knew Mr Aderemi, who had moved with his family to Kent just four weeks before he was killed, and said they were “quite close”.

On day one of the trial, Mr Aderemi’s mother Yemi Hughes told how her son was “upset” about the way Cela treated Miss Jansen.

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The jury heard yesterday that Miss Jansen was hit “on a number of occasions” by her boyfriend and that she herself described their relationship as violent.

When asked by Mr Kent about Cela’s character, and how he treated her, Miss Jansen defended her partner.

She said: “If it was that bad I wouldn’t have been with him for so long, would I?”

The jury were shown videos that were stored on Miss Jansen’s phone as part of cross-examination by Charlie Sherrard, who is defending Lonergan.

In one clip Cela and Zahawy are pictured in a car, on June 28 last year.

Zahawy is seen to be brandishing a large knife at the camera, saying: “Tell Monks Hill and the rest of them. Money Habits, Shanking Habits. Watch.”

Mr Aderemi’s group of friends call themselves ‘Money Habits’, after the M and the H in Monks Hill – the estate where Mr Aderemi was killed.

The video was sent to Miss Jansen’s phone from Cela on Snapchat.

“It is bad, but that is not who he is. It’s just an act.

“He is in with the wrong crowd.”

In another video shown to the court, Cela is seen pointing a shotgun at Miss Jansen’s head.

And in a third, Cela films his girlfriend and waves a blade in front of the camera after saying: “I’ve got a present for you.”

Mr Kent, prosecuting, asked Miss Jansen if carrying Cela’s child had altered the way she felt about him – after the court was read messages between her and a friend that show her labelling him a “psycho”.

She said it did not.

All defendants in the trial, which is expected to last six weeks, deny murder.

The trial continues.