Each year the list of Queen's Birthday Honours is distributed to recognise the achievements and service of people across the UK.

This year, that list of British Empire Medalists includes a 56-year-old woman from West Norwood.

For over 40 years, Mrs Bula Chakravarty-Agbo has played an important role in actively enhancing the lives and wellbeing of London's young and elderly.

Over the years she has worked with London's children. She helped them find other creative ways to communicate and express themselves via art.

Taking the bold step forward she opened and ran her very own art gallery for seven years, where she also offered free art workshops for children and adults.

Some of her ventures were met with awards including Croydon Guardian's 'Art Champion' in 2007.

She and her partner started Pepperton UK based on the concept of art and healthy eating in the community.

The place became a popular hotspot for painters, poets, writers and art lovers. Pepperton UK held many exhibitions showcasing high profile artists both national and international.

Her voluntary endeavours to charity organisations over the years has proved a tremendous asset in facilitating growth, self-esteem and being a role model for a lot of young women of a multi-cultural London.

She has also been involved with the Woodlawn Centre, where she has been working with the more senior members of the South London community.