Croydon University Hospital has moved all of its cardiology care under one roof in a major £1.2 million upgrade.

For the first time, Croydon patients will experience the full range of cardiology care without moving between two separate departments.

The hospital will also benefit from purpose-built rooms and £180,000 of upgraded technology.

This includes new electrocardiographs and analysis equipment which allows clinicians to see more data at one time (including live scanning images) while diagnosing patients, reduce paperwork and have better communication with GPs.

Principal cardiac physiologist at CUH Amanda Rose says she knows patients will appreciate the attention to detail.

“The two big changes are moving everything under one roof and upgrading the technology - but even the smaller things, such as the vastly improved reception area, are going to be really important,” she said.

“Now we are next to all the cardiac services including the cardiac catheter laboratory, cardiac wards and the cardiac care unit that provides intensive care.”

The move now completes the final phase of developing the Croydon Heart Centre where the cardiac catheter laboratory was already based.

Patient and member of the fundraising Croydon Cardiac Support Group Derek Bigglestone, said it was fantastic news.

“Friendly clinicians have been looking after my pacemaker and my overall health for many years,” the 86-year-old said.

“Their new Croydon Heart Centre looks amazing and feels much bigger than before. The staff seem really pleased and I'm sure patients will be too.”