People who want to get fit but are worried about their injured knees, hips and backs, are invited to try out pedal-assisted electric bikes.

On Friday 15 and Saturday 16 of September in Coulsdon, the public will be given a chance to experience how e-bikes help riders avoid over-exertion.

E-bikes, which are fitted with a small motor, share the physical effort of pedalling the bike with the rider. The share of the effort is adjustable at the touch of a button on the handlebars.

Founder of Surrey Physiotherapist (event host) Alison Middleditch said: “E-biking is a good alternative for those with neck, back, arm and hand problems.

"Loading and stress is reduced through the hips and knees so it would be more comfortable than a standard bicycle.”

The event is free to attend and you can make a booking by calling Cycling Made Easy on 020 8660 8823.