Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones has called for the government to ease the burden on parents and lower school uniform costs.

In November 2015, the government promised to make its guidance on school uniform legally binding, giving parents the power to challenge extortionate uniform requirements.

The guidance requires schools to make cost of uniform the top priority and to "keep compulsory branded items to a minimum." However, the guidance has still not been made statutory.

"The g has failed to deliver on its promises and for a second successive summer, parents have continued to feel the pinch of high school uniform costs," Ms Jones said.

"I've spoken to numerous constituents about this; one described how her daughter's academy required parents to buy different coloured sweatshirts for every academic year."

Government-commissioned research in 2015 found that over a quarter of secondary schools required three or more uniform items with a badge or logo, while the number of schools who require uniform to be bought from a specialist supplier doubled between 2007-15.

"There are serious competition concerns around school uniform pricing," Ms Jones said.

"It’s incredibly frustrating for parents to see supermarkets competing and offering very low prices when their child’s school requires items to be purchased from a sole supplier. There are particular concerns over academies, where branding of uniform seems to be increasing.

"I'm calling on the government to immediately deliver on their promise to make uniform guidance statutory, and to consider VAT changes post-Brexit.

"I would also like to see further action to help parents, such as setting limits on badged items of uniforms or even an overall price cap. Parents have been getting a bad deal for too long."