Thieves who broke into a RSPCA centre have been labelled ‘scum’ by angry Facebook users.

RSPCA South Godstone Animal Centre on Eastbourne Road was burgled sometime between 9pm on Monday, September 11, and 8am on Tuesday, September 12.

The thieves broke into four different buildings: a garage, a workshop and two sheds. They also tried to enter an office but could not get in.

An expensive RTV vehicle was taken, as well as a diesel-powered steam cleaner, a back-pack leaf blower and a number of small tools.

The theft was reported to the police who sent a forensics officer. However, the officer was unable to get any prints.

There is no CCTV footage of the break in and the case has been closed due a to lack of leads.

Centre Manager Darren Parrish said: “They have literally taken money away from sick, defenceless animals who have no one else to look after them and who have no voice.

“It is the animals that are going to suffer, they won’t get a new toy or we might not be able to pay for an operation.”

The centre had just held a car boot sale to raise money for the animals they help.

Mr Parrish said the money raised would have to go to paying insurance excesses and improving security.

He said: “These people stole from a charity who rely on public donations to operate.

“So, they haven’t just stolen from the RSPCA, they have stolen from everybody.”

This isn’t the first time that thieves have stolen from the centre. On November 20, last year, thieves took a generator, just days after the centre ran a Christmas fair to raise money.

“It’s disheartening but the animals still need us. That is what carries us through. We have a job to do and we are not going to let those animals down.”

“Everyone had that gut wrenching feeling. We felt disbelief that they had stolen our stuff and trashed the workshop.”

There has been an outpouring of sympathy on Facebook.

A post about the incident on the centre’s Facebook page has been shared 782 times and has been commented on 67 times.

Dawn Brookes said: “Scum!!!! To steal from a charity is the lowest of low!!!”

Samantha Worth said: “Absolutely appalled and disgusted, so sorry to hear this. We got our two Guinea pigs from you several years ago (no longer with us sadly), and I'm a long term supporter of the RSPCA so I know what a fantastic job you do.”

Mr Parrish said: “The response on Facebook has been brilliant.

“People have been saying it’s a great centre, staff are lovely and how the people who did it are scum bags and karma will come around for them.”