A Croydon nutritionist has helped a couple in their race to get pregnant for a TV competition.

Nutrition therapist and fertility expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston guided the pair who were on a nutrition program as part of GMTV LK Today show on ITV.

The programme followed a competition between three couple's and their therapists in a race to get pregnant.

One couple were helped by an acupuncturist, another followed an IVF program and a third embarked on a natural fertility nutrition program.

The couple with the improved diet won with the help of Yvonne from Foods for Life, which is based at Oasis 98 in High Street.

"Some of the drugs and hormones used in assisted conception techniques can make patients feel quite ill and stressed," said Yvonne.

"Not only are the odds of pregnancy much higher with nutrition therapy but the potential side effects are all positive things such as balanced weight, more energy, better skin, better mood and a healthier baby."

She said that in cases of unexplained infertility it has been found that assessing which nutrients the body is short of and supplying these has over an 80 per cent success rate.

The fertility programme included increasing fruit and vegetable intake, reducing meat and dairy and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

While on the programme, the woman enjoyed improved energy, skin, hair, nails and immunity as well as a reduction in bloating and headaches.

The man lost more than three stone, had a marked improvement in his energy, mood, concentration, memory and skin.

The quality of his sperm doubled, taking him out of the at risk' category and 12 per cent above the acceptable level.