Buses, cars, taxis and all other traffic won't be going down Croydon High Street any time soon.

That's because the street will be closed to all vehicles from October 16 to carry out works in an effort to pedestrianise the area and boost the town's night time economy.

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As part of the project the following changes will be implemented:

• Park Street will be made one way up to its junction with St George’s Walk

• All buses that used to travel along High Street will instead travel via St George’s Walk

• The taxi rank on High Street will be relocated to Park Street

• The two bus stops on Park Street will be relocated further up Park Street to the current location of the bus stand

• The bus lane currently on Park Street will be removed to make way for all general traffic

• The existing zebra crossing and motorcycle bays on St George’s Walk will be repositioned to allow room for the new bus stand which will have moved from Park Street.