Babies in Croydon are some of the least vaccinated against the flu in the country.

New research by AstraZeneca for Public Health England shows that only 28.6 per cent of kids aged between 2-4 were vaccinated the past flu season. This is nearly a 10 per cent drop off from the national average of 38 per cent.

“Flu can cause a week or more of illness and turn family life upside down," Dr Ranj Singh at the NHS said.

"Vaccinating eligible children is the best tool we have to protect our kids and families from flu, but too few parents are finding time to visit their GP to vaccinate children yet to start school.”

Croydon ranks 21st in terms of least vaccinated, but were just one per cent away from landing in the top ten.

In comparison, 34.5 per cent of Sutton kids in that age bracket were vaccinated and 36.7 per cent of kids in Bromley were.