A call has been put out for people with an extensive knowledge of the area to help complete the history of a group of servicemen with a particular link to the area.

Amateur historian Reverend Hilary Fife is asking residents to help her complete the history of the 19 servicemen who are commemorated and individually named in the stained glass of St Barnabas Chapel in Croydon University Hospital.

“Over the years I’ve worked here I’ve slowly curated the Chaplaincy and many hospital archives," she said.

"History, and tracing family history, has long been a passion."

She aims to complete the histories of all 19 servicemen in time for next year’s 100-year commemoration of the end of the conflict of World War 1.

The first stained glass window commemorates 14 men who had been boys from the local Union Homes and Schools. The second window commemorates five officers who worked in the Croydon Union, which ran the Workhouse.

“The names in our beautiful hospital windows needed to have their stories told," Ms Fife said.

"The commemorations for the Great War centenary was the push I needed to get started and it would be fantastic to hear from anyone who can help me complete the picture.

“It would be very special to receive any photographs of these brave individuals, as I have none.”

If anyone wishes to provide Ms Fife with further information to help build these histories for commemorations in 2018, please contact her on h.fife@nhs.net