A Thornton Heath man killed in a tragic road accident died while carrying out an act of kindness for a friend.

Jerome Roye died when his silver MG convertible collided with an oncoming BOC industrial lorry in Streatham.

Speaking from her home in Tulse Hill, his mum Kim Roy said her son had been to a friend's house.

The pal was not in but her cousin, also a friend of Mr Roye, was. She told Jerome she had no electricity and had lost her payment top-up card.

After hearing about this Kim said her generous son offered to drive her to a relative's house where she could shower, change, get warm and have a cup of tea.

"My son was one of the most polite, sincere and considerate people I have ever known," a devastated Kim said.

"We brought him up to have manners and respect other people and we are so proud that is how he turned out."

Mrs Roye described her son as "a very artistic boy", who loved to draw, paint, write poems and write his own music.

He also worked for a company called Hatlow Entertainment designing t-shirts and clothing.

He had recently been commissioned to paint graffiti in a pub opposite Herne Hill station.

"My son was the sort of person who would get up out of his seat on a bus and give it to an elderly person; he really cared about other people. I couldn't have asked for more in a son."

Jerome was an only child until recently when his mum found out she was expecting another baby in June.

He had recently planned to get engaged to his long-time partner Natasha Laurent, 21, and their birthdays were only two days apart.

Words of memory, support and condolences were posted on the Croydon Guardian website after Jerome's death.

One message from a close friend called Cathy in Tulse Hill said: "You were a sweety, brought up well and very respectful to your elders. I can't believe you have gone. When I got spiked at a party, you helped look after me. You were so talented; your art work was amazing. This world has lost a gem."