People with diabetes who want to fast during Ramadan can do so in greater safety, thanks to a new guide book.

Croydon Primary Care Trust’s (PCT) has published the guide as part of the borough’s Living With Diabetes project.

Dr Yohannes Buhru, a GP who co-wrote the guide, said: “Many people with diabetes, who wish to fast during Ramadan, have told us that they need better information about how to do this safely. We hope that this guide meets that need.” Professor Anwarul Haq, member of the council of the Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre, added: “I am very pleased that this guide is now available, and I am sure people with diabetes and their families will find it useful.” As well as using the guide diabetes patients are advised to discuss plans with their doctor or diabetes specialist nurse.

Copies of the guide will be available at all GP surgeries, pharmacies and mosques in Croydon. It can also be viewed online at Ramadan begins on October 27.