Young campaigners are fighting to save the only night bus route between Croydon and Sutton after it was cancelled last weekend.

Laura Wheeler, 22 and her sister May, 22, fear vulnerable Sutton youths will be forced to take unlicensed cabs or walk home after a night out in Croydon.

The N213, the only night bus running between Croydon and Sutton was cancelled by TfL on July 4 because it says the route is only used “lightly”.

However young people across the boroughs disagree.

Miss Wheeler has set up a facebook group called Save the N213 which in just three days has gathered almost 900 outraged members.

One of the supporters Elena Howe wrote: “Whenever I have got the N213 there have been plenty of people on it! do I get home from Croydon early in the morning now? there an alternative means coz on saturday night I was waaaaay confused by it having not been out late in a while and had to walk home!”

Emma Joslin wrote: “this decision may cost me my life, as i never have any money for cabbing at the end of a night, so I'll be walking!!!

Joseph Eastwood wrote: “tried getting home last night and the n213 was nowhere to be seen, what a let down. had to pay out £13 for a cab to sutton. the n213 was a quid on my oyster.”

Some on the facebook group said they had written to Boris Johnson about the bus.

Most of the young people say they will be unable to go out in Croydon if they cannot get the bus back.

Miss Wheeler has contacted her local MP Tom Brake who has said he will approach TfL about the issue.

He said: “I was taken aback by the calls on this issue. I will approach TfL directly.”

Miss Wheeler said: “My sister along with many others regularly get this bus home from Croydon on a Friday or Saturday night.

“I would rather they were on a bus than getting in an unsafe, unlicensed cab.

”There are no other options to get back at all.

“The bus stop is opposite the Black Sheep bar in Croydon and hundreds of young people get the bus from there back home.

“Most of them are quite tipsy. If there is no way home it will discourage people from Sutton going out in Croydon. ”

TfL said they looked into the route and reviewed and it was not very well used between 1am and 4am.

A spokesman said: “Its a question of resources.

“We will keep listening to passengers.”

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